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Even if divorce is the best possible solution for your future, it can still be an emotionally challenging time. Bills that were previously paid by two incomes are now paid by one. It is crucial to work with a skilled lawyer to ensure your financial stability as you start your new life.

At Carty Law, P.C. our Salem spousal support attorneys have extensive experience guiding clients through even the most complex family law matters. In a divorce, the determination of spousal support is perhaps one of the most complicated issues in the case. Through the history of our practice, we have gained an understanding about the nuances of this area of the law and how to best present your side of the case to a judge.

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In Oregon, there are three different types of spousal support:

  • Transitional support is generally assigned for a shorter duration and a clear end. This type of support is designed to provide one party with financial stability while he or she obtains training necessary to enter the job market, or to simply account for the time that it might take to re-enter the job market after a lengthy absence.
  • Maintenance support is commonly referred to as spousal support. This type of support is designed so that the more financially independent party will pay the less financially independent party support to equalize a wide disparity in earning capacity. This type of support can be for a specified amount of time or indefinite.
  • Compensatory support, as the name indicates, is designed to compensate one spouse who has made significant financial or other contributions throughout the marriage to the education, career or training of the other spouse. These contributions most often lead to an increase in earning capacity.

Depending on changing financial factors, spousal support can be modified after the divorce. It is crucial, however, to work with a lawyer rather than reach a verbal agreement with the other party. Contact our office if you have questions regarding spousal support or if you want to file for alimony.

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