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Emotions can run high in any type of relationship. When a divorce is coming to an end, however, the divorcing couple has a greater likelihood of heated or physical arguments. If you fear for your own safety, or the safety of your children, it is wise to work with a skilled attorney to learn more about your legal options.

At Carty Law, P.C. our Salem restraining orders attorneys have years of experience guiding clients through various complex family law matters. We understand the fear and frustration you feel when confronted with a violent situation. Fortunately, the court has a system in place to afford you a measure of safety and peace of mind.

Salem And Eugene Domestic Violence Attorneys

Most often, individuals will be seeking either a protective order or restraining order.

  • A protective order is designed to protect an individual from abuse.
  • A restraining order can have a larger focus, possibly preventing one spouse from frivolous spending or disposing of marital assets during a divorce proceeding. A restraining order can also be used to obtain temporary child custody.
  • A temporary protective order can typically be granted on the same day it is filed. The court will then schedule a hearing for a protective order.

Our Oregon lawyers will guide you through the legal process as it relates to restraining orders and protective orders. If you have questions, we encourage you to contact our office. We offer a free phone consultation to give you the chance to explain your situation and seek legal advice.

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