For some, that word is downright magical. You spent a lot of time/effort/money/tears getting to the end of your case. You wanted it done days/weeks/months/years ago. You finally got to the finish line and you got exactly the result you wanted.

For others, the end of the line wasn’t magical at all. It hurt. A lot. It wasn’t at all what you hoped for. It doesn’t feel right. Or fair. And you sure as hell didn’t want it to be final.

End. Closing. Conclusive.


It’s got a ring to it, that’s for sure.

But final isn’t really the right word for it. If it were, you wouldn’t be reading about the work we do in modification cases.

Maybe you’re on the receiving end of a motion to modify and your heart is thumping around somewhere deep down in your stomach. You dreaded this moment. You thought it would never happen.

It happened.

Or maybe you’ve been biding your time, waiting for a change. Maybe the change hit you when you least expected it. Maybe you’re not even sure if what’s going on is enough of a change to make a change.

It happens.

Custody modification? It’s difficult. This is going to require a significant change in either parent’s ability to parent the child. And that’s just the first step.

Parenting time modification? This is much easier to modify than custody. The focus is on the child’s best interest. But don’t be the guy who files because your poker game got moved from Thursday to Wednesday and you need to shuffle your kid-free night. To put it in layman’s terms — it just ain’t gonna happen.

Child support? Modifiable every three years. Or sooner. Maybe. It depends. Typically, you’re looking at whether a change of financial circumstances has occurred. Has either party’s income changed significantly? Did your child age out of child care? Has parenting time been adjusted? These are all factors that would support a modification of the child support amount.

Spousal support? Similar to modifying child support. An income change. Retirement. Job loss. Medical issues. Remarriage. Those are some of the common factors for filing a modification to increase, decrease, or terminate spousal support.

Property division? Nope.

Life doesn’t always follow the script. You thought it was final. But it wasn’t. That’s why we’re here — to help you write the next chapter.

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