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This isn’t your average law firm

There are plenty of attorneys out there. Some offer free 15-minute phone consults. Others give you a shiny new pen with the firm name on it when you walk out the door. Some will promise you a result that sounds too good to be true. It usually is.
I don’t do any of that.
It’s not that I hate phone calls. Or pens. It’s just that I believe our clients have the best chance for a successful resolution and long-term success if I instead focus on building realistic expectations from Day 1.
I work my hardest to achieve a result that makes sense based on each client’s individual circumstances. Because that’s what you need — someone who is going to listen to what’s going on in your case, figure out where you should wind up, and then create a plan of action with you to get there.
I’m not a magician. There are no magic rabbits to pull out of hats. (Okay, maybe sometimes there are.) Good lawyering so often boils down to hard work as a team. And that team starts with the attorney-client relationship.

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